Cafe Menu



Served Tuesday to Saturday 11am-3pm

Dine In or Take Away


SANDWICHESPetit Pain selections, served lightly toasted, include your choice of white, herb & parmesan, whole wheat, cheese or a tortilla wrap.  All served with crudité garnish.

Thai Beef – Deli beef, pickled Thai vegetables, spiced peanut sauce. $6.95

Beef Honey Mustard – Deli beef, cucumber, greens, honey mustard dressing. $6.95

Turkey Swiss – Deli smoked turkey, Swiss cheese, greens, mayonnaise. $6.95

Turkey El Paso – Deli smoked turkey, cheddar cheese, corn salsa, greens, chipotle mayonnaise. $6.95

Turkey Club – Deli smoked turkey, bacon, tomato, greens, mayonnaise. $6.95

Ham & Cheese – Deli ham, Swiss cheese, greens, yellow mustard. $6.95

Italian – Deli ham, salami, sweet peppers, onions, greens, pesto mayonnaise. $6.95

Egg Salad – Our famous egg salad, scallions, greens, mayonnaise. $6.25

V.L.T. – Seasonal vegetables, tomato, lettuce, cheddar cheese, corn salsa, chipotle mayonnaise. $6.25



FLAT BREADSServed warm, sliced into six pieces.

Bacon & Tomato – Garlic butter, tomato, bacon, onion, parmesan cheese, pesto mayonnaise drizzle. $6.25

Coconut Curry – Garlic butter, tomato, onion, coconut, curry mayonnaise drizzle. $6.25

Southwest – Sweet corn salsa, onions, cheddar cheese, chipotle mayonnaise drizzle. $6.25



KIDS SANDWICHESUnder 12 years of age.  Selection of white, herb & parmesan, whole wheat, or cheese, lightly toasted.  All served with crudité garnish.

Ham & Cheese – Deli ham, cheddar cheese, lettuce, mustard. $4.50

Turkey – Deli smoked turkey, lettuce, mayonnaise. $4.50

Veggie – Tomato, cucumber, lettuce, ranch dressing. $4.00

PB&J – Peanut butter, jelly. $4.00



SALADSOur house greens with your choice of balsamic, Italian, or ranch dressing.

Garden – garnished with seasonal fresh vegetables. $4.95

BLT – garnished with tomato, garlic croutons, bacon. $5.95

Pickled Thai Vegetable – garnished with sweet and tangy vegetables, spiced peanut sauce. $5.95



SOUPE DU JOURTasty selection of prepared soups.

Daily Feature – small $2.00 large $3.00




Special A – add a small soup OR a small garden salad, a treat, and a choice of coffee, tea, soft drink, or juice to any sandwich or flatbread. $5.50   (Upgrade salad selection add $1.00)

Special B – add a treat, and a choice of coffee, tea, soft drink, or juice to any sandwich or flatbread. $3.75





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  1. I see you have soup and salad.I struggle to find gluten free options.
    Would your soup and salad be gluten free?
    thank you,Dorothy

    • hey dorothy, we cant guarantee 100% gluten free as we do have gluten on the premise, and there is always the risk of cross contamination.

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